Born in 1981 in Prague, former Czechoslovakia, he spent his early years between Italy and Czech Republic.

With the age of 14 he started his interest in photography as autodidact. After different photography and darkroom courses in Milan, Italy, he moved in 2007 to Vienna, Austria, where he studied photography at the Fotoschule Wien. In 2010 he attended a documentary photography workshop leaded by Ron Haviv at NORDphotography in Oslo, Norway. Since 2008 he focused his interest on photojournalism, in particular on social issues and human stories.

He worked in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Albania, Italy, Kenya, Ethiopia, India and Bangladesh.

Since 2011 he is a member of UNCAV (United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna).

Since 2013 he is cooperating with APA PictureDesk (Vienna, Austria).

In 2022 he collaborated with Come Alive Film Production (Vienna, Austria) covering the visit of the Saudi Arabian delegation to Vienna.

He has a Master Degree in African Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Transcultural Communication.

Actually he is working on different projects and exhibitions worldwide.

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